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Oscar II

Oscar II

 Programmable Timed Dosing Buttons.
 Copper Heat Exchange Boiler.
 Extended Articulating Steam Arm.
 Commercial Grade 58 mm Portafilter.


 Programmable Timed Dosing Buttons
Program single and double espressos by time to help you control the conditions for continuously excellent espresso shots.
Soft Infusion System: This is an initial phase of brewing that promotes even extraction, nice crema, and enhanced flavor.

 Push Pull Steam
This ergonomic steam trigger takes it easy on your wrists. Baristas making drinks all day won’t get worn out as easily by the steam trigger.
Reverse Mirror: Built into the back plate, the reverse mirror shows you all angles of the espresso as it pours from the group head. Check the quality of your espresso shots without even needing to bend down.

 Copper Heat Exchange Boiler
Copper is an antimicrobial material and a natural heat conductor, increasing sanitation and allowing the boiler heat more efficiently. Thanks to the heat exchanger, you can brew and steam at the same time.

 Extended Articulating Steam Arm

 The steam arm rotates freely so that you can better position a milk pitcher. With the extended length, you can reach down deeper into the pitcher, distribute heat more evenly, and control the aeration for better microfoam.
 Commercial Grade 58 mm Portafilter.
 This is the kind of heavy-duty portafilter used with commercial espresso machines, giving you a professional experience. Single and double baskets are included.

 Cup Warmer
Store espresso cups right on top of the machine and they’ll be automatically preheated when it’s time to make a drink. Your lattes will stay warmer.

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Weight 13 kg


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