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In 2022, Tempresso was launched to disrupt the boring tastes and low quality in the coffee industry in the Egyptian market.

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Your Coffee Companion

We wanted to instruct every individual how to taste coffee with a whole new meaning from tongue to notes. Empowered by CMC to specialize in coffee from A-Z bringing you the crema of all offering home use & Commercial espresso machines, Barista Training certified by the SCA, BWT Filters, and Full Maintenance. Above all else, we have a mission to operate under is to be “Your Coffee Companion”.


we Came first Since 1980

CMC Group was established in Egypt by Mr. Abd El-Hady El Khawaga in 1980 and took their first espresso machines brand ( nuova simonelli ) in 1982 which was the birth of ‘Mia’, the family espresso coffee machine. Unique for its modern, compact and very original design. Even with its very reduced dimensions, it was equipped with a complete system of mechanical parts derived from professional machines

always in 8ight

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