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Aurelia wave Digit 2GR

Aurelia wave Digit 2GR

 2 Group.
 14 liters.
 Touch screen.
 SIS.


 The possibility of programming the amount of coffee in each group.
 It contains a main steam boiler with a capacity of 14 liters.
 A group made of brass, the best in maintaining a constant group temperature.
 Equipped with a touch screen to adjust the machine settings easily.
 Evenly lid work area, LED-lights for the steamer lights the inside of milk pitcher. Mirror in the back enables to see how coffee runs to cup.
 It operates with a soft infusion system (SIS) to maintain the quality of the drink and handle the barista error.
 The machine performs a self-cleaning cycle with the possibility of programming it.
 A raised group designed to accommodate the placement of tall cups directly under the cup, with -The possibility of raising the lower level to use the cups.
 Coffee Hand Basket made with Nanotechnology.
 Stainless steel steam arm, thermally insulated with Cool Touch technology.
 Smart Water Technology (new feature) measures the PH and TDS in real time. Also let’s know when set limits are exceeded.

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Weight 78 kg


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