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Puly Grind

Puly Grind

 The box contains 10 sachets of cleaning powder.


 The box contains 10 sachets of cleaning powder.
 The active ingredients of PULY GRIND Crystals are made by particularly calibrated VEGETABLE – RENEWABLE particles, free of useless and nuisance dust, with features similar to food, even, if it is not destined to human consumption. Super concentrated, 100 % Crystals, gluten removed and without allergenics substances. Regenerates the blades/burrs without dissemble. Does NOT need to change the grinder setting, (Innovated patented technology). Leaves the grinder free of any aromatic substances: chocolate coffee or vanilla; aroma and/or species; non decaffeinated coffee; substances containing gluten; sugar and/or listed allergenics substances, etc. Properties: it improves the coffee cream, exalts the aroma and a 100% clean coffee taste. Use once a week. Easy to use, economic and safe.

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